El Cantil

El Cantil is a dive which divers of all levels can enjoy, with its shallow part (El Cantilito) at only 20 feet and the deepest at 50 feet. It is a long stretched reef that ends up in the beach, maybe 2 miles long and up to 200 feet wide. Because it is so shallow, currents may greatly affect the visibility. The shallow part of this reef can be enjoyed by beginner divers.The shallow top is full of hard elegant coral, hiding wrasse and cleaned by parrot fish. To the west, the ‘roof’ is cracked and shows lots of canyons, tunnels, some ending in sand, inhabited by garden eels and conch slowly passing by. The cracks hide green moray eels, nudibranches, reef fish, quite a lot of sea urchins and some crown of thorns. To the north it becomes deeper and flatter and you’ll be amazed by the size of dog snapper and the amount of yellow snapper, graybar grunts and goat fish. Depending on the current, the jacks sometimes move their activity to ‘El Cantil’ and we regularly spot amber jacks and reef sharks.