El Islote

One of the few dive sites for which no landmarks or GPS are needed is El Islote; it’s a small rock island offering a spectacular amount of fan corals, gorgonian and hard corals. Its bottom at 60 feet makes it suitable for all certified divers(because it’s a wall). The coral covered walls give a hiding place to spiny lobster, little sea spiders and crab fish. On the bottom big boulders are spread around, giving great shelter to all kind of life. Here you see snapper, grouper, pompano, cornet fish, turtle (hawksbill), scorpion fish and when the sardine track hits the island, also big eye and amber jacks. On the sandy bottom, we regularly see bull sharks in numbers. Because it’s a dive with a wall, you can make a safety stop as part of your dive, while observing the most beautiful wall, full of coral surrounded by gaftopsail pompanos and creole fish.