Los Morros

A continuation to El Bajo, towards the north, is Los Morros, also for experienced divers. It has also the same depth, 50 feet, normally a bit colder water (closer to the canyon) and its length is approximately ¼ of a mile. Sometimes with strong currents and low visibility, but full of surprises and a beauty for experienced divers. Henri’s favorite site. Los Moros has patches of reef, separated by sand, full of garden eels and in winter with all kind of rays, ‘storms’ of jacks, lots of grouper, also the enormous goliath grouper (before known as jew fish). Of course reef fish like the king angel, the surgeon fish, (bumphead) parrot fish, green moray eels all over the place.

In summer it’s full of snapper, goatfish and jacks; in winter it’s even fuller; we’ve done several entire dives inside a school of jacks… In winter, it requires a bit of navigation. If there’s a lot of current it’s a dive to ‘cross over’ to El Bajo and do the two sites in one goooooooo…….